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Arctic Glacier® is the premium ice partner that exists to keep the important things going because we believe ice is a foundational aspect for the good in life. We’re committed to environmentally friendly practices and supporting the communities we serve. That’s why we’ve implemented a focused plan around three core areas of our business.

Related to our packaging, Arctic Glacier has made strides toward sustainability. Our bags are fully recyclable, aligning with our dedication to reducing environmental impact. Currently, several major markets, including California, Kansas, New York, and Missouri, are already embracing our eco-friendly packaging.

Arctic Glacier is phasing in eco-friendly packaging, with several major markets including California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, New York, and Missouri already up and running. The ice company expects all markets and package sizes to be available in the new packaging over the next 12 to 18 months.

Regarding electricity, our 2019 capital expenditures included upgrading all locations to LED lights. We also implemented advanced smart controls for our freezer systems, which has reduced the energy required for evaporator coil defrosts. These upgrades, in addition to other plant modernization investments, have reduced energy usage by 12% relative to previous years.

In looking at fuel, we initiated Project SUMMIT in 2019 to focus on realizing efficiencies in our distribution process. This resulted in more dynamic and efficient routing, which led to fewer miles driven, along with improved distribution operations and cost. Project SUMMIT has been successfully rolled out to 60+ sites and has reduced fuel cost per ton of ice delivered by 19%.

To date, efforts to create a more circular economy through focused actions on reducing and reusing have resulted in the following environmentally positive impacts:  

46% less plastic in landfills

12% less fuel used annually

12% less electricity  

Looking ahead, future goals include developing environmentally friendly alternatives to our plastic bags, continuing to find energy efficiencies for our production and distribution processes, and creating meaningful partnerships with social responsibility organizations in the areas of disaster relief, global warming and Arctic and ocean protection.

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Since our beginning in 1882, our motivation has been empowering you to impress and win over those you serve by offering noticeably superior, premium ice.

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Whether for our own valued employees, the customers we’re so fortunate to serve, or a consumer enjoying our ice, delivering health and safety is unquestionably the first priority at Arctic Glacier®.

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