Paying your invoice just got easier!

Free, easy, and secure, Arctic Glacier’s online E Bill portal uses a secure Wells Fargo platform to process payments.

Account setup takes less than 10 minutes. To get started you will need your account number, zip code and either your checking account information or a major credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover*.

*Wells Fargo credit card processing fees will apply.

Let’s get started!

Start by clicking the ENROLL IN AUTOPAY Button below

1. Begin by entering the following URL into a browser

2. Click ‘Enroll’.

3. Enter information in required fields as prompted. Click ‘Validate’

4. Enter Phone, Email Address, and Address, if required, and click ‘Continue to Login & Password’.

5. Choose Login ID, Password, select security image and label. Select security questions and fill in answers. Click ‘Continue to Terms of Service’.

6. Review Terms of Service and Check box and click ‘Continue to Payment Accounts’.

7. Select ‘Default Payment Method’ Tab and enter Payment Account information, check the ‘I Agree’ box, if applicable. Click ‘Finish Enrollment’.

8. Check your email account and open the email just sent to you. Click the ‘Activate’ button or hyperlink. Please note, your access is not activated until you click on the ‘Activate’ button. If paying by Bank Account/ACH you will also need to click ‘Recurring Payment’ located at the top during this final step. In addition you will also need to select “on due date” as your payment date.*

*Recurring payment enables invoice processing following a delivery and must be selected to be routed for deliveries.


Additional Information Regarding AUTOPAY

1. After you activate, you may log in to review payments or review account status.

2. Enter your Login ID and Password in the designated fields. Click’ Login’.

1. On the Home page, click ‘Pay My Bills’ hyperlink on the top of the screen to pay certain bills.

2. Click the check box in the beginning of each row to select the bill you want to pay, enter or change the Payment Amount, if applicable, select the Payment Method on the right-hand side of the screen, select the payment date. Click ‘Continue to Payment’.

3. Confirm payment information and, if applicable, check the box “By Checking this box…” agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Click ‘Make Payment’.

4. The confirmation page will display. Click ‘Return to Pay My Bills’ or ‘Log Out’

5. Note: To pay all open bills at once, click ‘Continue to Payment’ on the ‘Home’ page

1. On the Welcome page, click ‘Forgot Your Login ID’ in the Login column.

2. Enter your account number and email address used during enrollment and click ‘Send’

3. An email will be sent to your email address with your login ID.

1. On the Welcome page, click ‘Password Help?’

2. Enter your Login ID and email address used during enrollment and click ‘Send My Password’.

3. An email containing a link to reset the password is sent to the user

4. Follow the prompts to enter a new password

1. The password is case sensitive. If you enter your password incorrectly three times, the system will lock you out.

2. Click on ‘Contact Us’ on the bottom of the screen for contact information and ask your biller to unlock you. You do not have to change your password unless you cannot remember it.

1. A recurring payment will delete permanently if one of the following applies:

• Automatic Payment expired per initial setup
• User un-enrolled
• Biller placed a ‘Stop’ on the account
• Biller deleted the Automatic Payment


All COD customers, whether they currently payby cash, check, or credit card are being transitioned over to our AUTOPAY system using our dedicatedWells Fargo E-Bill portal.

Once enrolled in AUTOPAY, payments for products or services will be processed one business day after the delivery. A receipt will be automatically emailed to you for your business records. Should any questions arise about the payment, please call our Customer Care Center at 1-800-285-4719.

Within the Wells Fargo E-Bill portal, customers may select ACH Debit using their checking
account information or sign up using a credit card*. Wells Fargo’s E-Bill portal accepts Visa,
MasterCard and Discover.

*Credit cards are subject to Wells Fargo credit card processing fee of 3.1%. There is no fee for ACH Debit.

Customers currently paying by credit card will be transitioned to our dedicated Wells Fargo
E-Bill payment portal to enter their credit card information.

COD customers are not required to apply for credit. Instead, we are transitioning our COD customers over to cashless transactions that will be automatically processed through the Wells Fargo E-Bill portal. If you would like to see if you are a candidate for credit please speak to your local sales representative, or one of our Customer Care Associates at 1-800-285-4719
regarding options to apply for credit. Our credit application is easy to complete and will be reviewed by our credit department prior to qualification.

All COD customers are being moved over to AUTOPAY through our dedicated Wells Fargo
E-Bill payment portal. Customers can sign up for recurring payment, so that after each delivery
the payment will be automatically processed from your account.

Customers without a credit account will no longer be able to pay by giving their driver a check.
We are pleased to offer all customers the option to pay by e-check through our Wells Fargo E-Bill portal. To select this option, you will be prompted to enter your checking information within Wells Fargo E-Bill portal when enrolling in AUTOPAY. Customers paying off their credit accounts can still send payment to our remittance address:
PO Box 856530
Minneapolis MN 55485

Yes! Within the app, look for the option to pay your bills online. You will be directed to Arctic Glacier AUTOPAY enrollment using the Wells Fargo E-Bill portal.

For questions or assistance in enrolling in AUTOPAY, please contact us at 1-800-285-4719.