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Mobile FAQ’S


The Arctic Glacier Mobile Application is available for download in the Apple App Store & the Google Play Store. Simply search for “Arctic Glacier” and download the application to begin.

Open the app and login to your account to quickly build your order for one or multiple locations, track your deliveries, facilitate equipment maintenance, and troubleshoot any issues.


Your Account Number can be found on your most recent order invoice.

Your account identifier can be obtained by emailing or calling into our Customer Support Center at US: 1 (800) 562-1990 CAN: (888) 736-4423.


Once logged into the Arctic Glacier App, from the home menu tap on “Order Ice”, review the order minimum, and tap the checkbox to agree then tap “Yes” to order. A loading wheel will appear and then you will be presented with your order confirmation.

From the Home Menu, tap Track Orders to see all orders the current orders for your location. In the blue box to the right of the order is the order status. The possible order status’ can be “Created” or “Scheduled”, “Routed”, & “Delivered”.

A new order will either be given a status of “Created” or “Scheduled”, orders initiated by our customers are “Created” orders and orders initiated by Arctic Glacier are “Scheduled” orders. Once a new order is placed it will then be planned on a route for delivery, this is the “Routed” status. Finally, once an order has been serviced to the location it will be updated to “Delivered”.

From the home menu, tap “Need Help?” and then choose “Equipment” from the help menu. Select a contact for the issue & add a description. Then tap “Submit” on the bottom of the page.

From the bottom navigation menu, tap the profile menu on the right. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and tap “Add New Contact”. Fill out the form presented and then select “Save Changes” on the bottom.

Once you are logged into the first location, on the bottom navigation menu, tap the profile menu on the right. In the Account Information section tap “Add Account” & enter in the Account Number & Account Identifier, then tap “Login”.

From the bottom navigation menu, tap the profile menu on the right. On top, select the dropdown under “Location Selection” and choose which account you would like to see. Tap that location and you will be brought to the home page for that account.