Ice Sculptures & Luges

Bring in a masterpiece.

At Arctic Glacier®, we view ice sculpting as a true artform. Bittersweet in its fleeting nature, but also profoundly magnificent while on display, every single carving is unique to its time and setting.

Our artisan ice sculptors are the best at what they do and have been handpicked to deliver pieces that will turn heads, drop jaws and steal the show every time. These master chiselers also have the advantage of working from our own blocks of ice, which boast a level of clarity even nature can’t compete with.

If you’re simply looking to add an extra level of chill to your gathering, we’re also pros at carving and delivering customized ice luges.

Amaze with Ice


    With more than 100 facilities across North America and 2,500 employees ready to help, Arctic Glacier® has the resources and reach to be there whenever, wherever and however you need.

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    Block Ice

    In charge of hospitality at an outdoor festival? Processing, preserving or transporting food commercially? Seeking to wow guests with an ice sculpture? Or just always wanted to try an ice luge?

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