A commitment to quality

At Arctic Glacier®, we produce and deliver ice in many forms, totaling two billion pounds annually. But at the end of the day, there is one thing and one thing only at the core of every product we provide to our valued customers. Water.

At each of our more than 50 production facilities across North America, it’s all about the water. In order to produce ice that’s ultra fresh, clean and clear, we use advanced filtration techniques such as reverse osmosis, ultra-violet filtration and surge tank protection. We also conduct rigorous monitoring of our production process, which encompasses daily, weekly and monthly testing.

Additionally, we employ multiple quality assurance controls to validate that each point in the production process operates in the safest and most thorough manner. Our industry leading Food Safety and Sanitation programs and our detailed product tracing capabilities differentiate us from every other competitor and have helped raise the bar for an entire industry.

Our customers deserve the purest, cleanest and clearest ice available, and that’s exactly what we deliver.

The only question is, how do you need your ice?

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Health & Safety

Whether for our own valued employees, the customers we’re so fortunate to serve, or a consumer enjoying our ice, delivering health and safety is unquestionably the first priority at Arctic Glacier®.

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If you’re looking to set it, forget it and never lift a finger, look no further than Direct Store Delivery.

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