Planning an event? We’ll be there.

From crushed or cubed to block or sculpture, our experts have what it takes to deliver premium, crystal clear ice to your venue at just the right moment– not too early and not too late– so you have the right quality and quantity when you need it. In select locations, we can even drop off trailers, if you need additional cold storage space for your event.

As an example of our event services, we recently fulfilled a request for one ton of ice to be used for an outdoor ice bath event with 300 attendees. You bring the creativity, and we’ll bring the ice!

Skip the pickup and let us handle the legwork, so your concert, triathlon, athletic event, wedding, private party, corporate meeting, ice bath celebration or any other gathering can go off without a hitch.

Do you have an event you need Ice for?

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With facilities across North America and 2,500 employees ready to help, Arctic Glacier® has the resources and reach to be there whenever, wherever and however you need.

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At Arctic Glacier®, we produce and deliver ice in many forms, totaling two billion pounds annually. But at the end of the day, there is one thing and one thing only at the core of every product we provide to our valued customers. Water.

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