Corporate Responsibility

Arctic Glacier is committed to corporate social responsibility within our industry and the communities where we operate.  This commitment involves conducting our business in an ethical and lawful manner, providing a fair and safe workplace and treating employees with dignity and respect everywhere that we operate.  Arctic Glacier strives to ensure that all of our facilities comply with the laws regarding human trafficking and slavery in the jurisdictions in which they operate, including the policies and principles embodied in California’s Transparency in Supply Chains Act.

We are confident that our suppliers share our values and comply with laws regarding human trafficking and slavery.  Arctic Glacier uses a select group of suppliers who we know well.   We have regular contact with our suppliers, including site visits, and given our familiarity with our suppliers, do not formally verify, audit or require certification from our suppliers regarding their labor practices.  If we become aware of a supplier participating directly or indirectly in the trafficking or enslavement of human beings, we will take prompt measures to address the situation in an appropriate manner.

Arctic Glacier provides our employees with training depending on their job responsibility.  When appropriate, training includes labor issues.   If our employees become aware of legal or regulatory violations, including those related to supply chain labor, we expect them to report these violations.  To encourage this reporting Arctic Glacier has a whistleblower program system that provides our suppliers, customers and contractors with a confidential process to report suspected wrongdoing.

For more information on Arctic Glacier’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, including the eradication of human trafficking and slavery, please do not hesitate to contact us.