Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures provide a level of elegance to any affair. The shimmering transcendent beauty of high-quality ice sculpture cannot be matched by anything other than the most expensive gemstones. At a fraction of the cost, ice sculpture is the optimal of choice for anyone seeking to impress guests at their next party or corporate event.

In order to carve the most perfect ice sculpture possible, ice is created using specially designed techniques to give it the perfect clarity of crystal. The results of these techniques is ice that is more clear than that which can be found even in the purest natural form, and perfect for creating works of art to be remembered long after they are gone.

Master ice sculptors carve in a variety of ways, using tools from the crude to the meticulous. Sculptures can be done in mere minutes using chainsaws, a spectacle that must be seen to be believed. Great ice sculptures can take hours, during which the ice sculptor must work in finely crafted detail in sub-zero conditions, facing numbing hands and other difficulties as he works his craft. Fashioning a masterpiece out of a 300 pound block of solid ice takes a great deal of patience and skill.

The master ice sculptor takes great care to ensure that his creation is carved to withstand the elements for as long as possible. Each detail is crafted to sustain its appearance even as the ambient room temperature serves as a treat to its beauty. Though the banquet hall or ballroom may be crowded with warm bodies, the ice sculpture must be able to maintain its shape for as long as possible, and the sculptor works with all his skill to ensure that this is the case. Down to the smallest carving, the sculptor exerts his energy to keep his creation alive as long as possible.

The results of this attention to detail speak for themselves. With all the refined elegance of crystal, ice sculptures lend grace and dignity to any formal event and should be the centerpiece of your food or beverage spread, at the very least. It is difficult to believe that frozen water can be transformed into something as breathtaking as the ice sculptures that a master creates. No matter what your vision or desire, one of our master sculptors will be able to make it into a reality.

Ice sculptures can be shaped into almost anything you require, whether it be a corporate logo or a beautiful swan, a simple design or something more intricate. Sculptures make perfect vases for flowers, stands for champagne and chilled wine, or room centerpieces. Place them at your entry for a breathtaking entry display. Ice sculptures are ideal for corporate events, banquets, galas, grand openings, fundraisers, and more – no matter the occasion, it can be made into something completely memorable with our ice sculptures.

Ice sculpture is a beautiful accent to any event that imparts a feeling of elegance, grace, and style to the room. Our ice sculpture services are sure to turn your event into something unforgettable.